Aaron Hoffman delivers on a simple principle: bookkeeping and tax preparation should be easy for the client.

Tax Preparation

We make tax preparation easy for you and make sure you get every benefit the tax law allows.


Earn more money by making business decisions based on sound financial information.

Tax questions? Ask us.


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Personal Tax Preparation

The tax code provides opportunities for individuals and families to save, but the rules are complex.  Our skilled tax preparation will help you save and grow wealth.  Please contact us for a free consultation.  If you have questions about last year’s return, we’d be happy to review it with you.  A previous year review is also a wise first step in planning for the upcoming year’s tax filing.

Business Tax Preparation

Our business tax preparation ensures you maximize your earnings and savings by realizing every benefit available.  The IRS provides a number of tax advantages for businesses, but the rules for each deduction can be complex.  Skilled tax preparation is a must.  Please call us to schedule a free consultation. 


Growing a business is challenging.  Accurate record keeping and reporting are integral to growth and necessary to get a true measure of your business’s health.  Accurate bookkeeping is required by law and also needed for financial and tax purposes. We offer both catch-up bookkeeping and ongoing services.  Please call us for a free consultation. 


 We offer tax preparation to individuals and families, helping you achieve your financial goals. 

Real Estate

We provide tax prep and bookkeeping to real estate Agents, Investors, Brokers and Property Managers. We can ensure you take advantage of the many real estate related tax benefits.


Planning for retirement, saving for college or a home purchase?  We help savers and investors with sound tax preparation and planning.


Consultant, skilled trade or profession, medical professional, freelancer.  We understand the tax savings opportunities and hurdles of being self-employed.  Our tax prep and bookkeeping services can maximize your self-employment earnings and returns.


Tax preparation and bookkeeping for creative professionals: web developers, graphic designers, photographers, videographers, decorators, designers, editors and artists.  


Retail, restaurant, catering, landscaping, construction, automotive, sports and fitness, services: there are many tax advantages available to businesses.  We can make sure you get every benefit allowed.

Tax questions? Ask us.

To get started on hassle free tax preparation and planning, contact us for a free consultation.

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